The idea is the right one! Customers are waiting for us...!

We have thought of everything! You just have to turn the key, go to park and prepare tasty roll Mashcream for your customers.


Our proposal is primarily in an exclusive area. This is because if today we have a competitive advantage, we want your customers to have the opportunity to grow together and we are here to protect you.

We offer everything you need to start your business. The vehicle is equipped with everything you need, all the accessories necessary for impeccable service.


We decided to set up a Piaggio Ape in two versions dump opened in height to work "on board" or classic work on the ground. There is also the bike with electric assistance. They can be ordered directly with our solution set-up or further customized and are offered both in purchasing and rental solution.


All consumables such as cups and spoons are coordinated to the brand.

The raw materials are of the highest quality to guarantee the taste and the health of your customers by partnership with Pregel. Our training courses in ice cream will be the foundation of your success.


How to be recognized?

There is so much social work, a lot of material and we are many in the community!



Well there is everything! Contact us!


The texture of taste.

Street food




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