Do you need something new in your shop? Something that attracts friends, who talk about you, amazes and delights your customers?


It’s Mashcream Corner, Indoor and Outdoor. We can match your counter, integrate it, or install it outside in the gazebo and you decide if and when to move.


It is certain that many people will get up and come to choose their own personal ice cream made at the time with all the craftsmanship, passion and enthusiasm to offer something unique, the fruit of the imagination where you can add all your favourite ingredients.


You are preparing a unique experience. The products are safe and of high quality, there is also the version Vegan if you want! We take care of the basics, you can draw on our training and thinking about the mix of flavors that appeal to your customers.


It will be a great breath of fresh air to your local and a delicious occasion!

Our company is ready to take all feedback and make advertising very quickly!


It will be a differentiation of your business that certainly will get you to think bigger. Maybe the ice cream shop will be your next thought. We believe in you and your customers, we put our passion in what we do, we believe in partners that are on the market and we give them the exclusive zone.


The texture of taste.

In your local




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