Mashcream Store is the place for fans of the combination of taste and social. For those who like to live and share experiences.


Behind it all: the quality of the product and the exclusive marketing proposal.

We evaluate together your local and we decide how design it according our picture  manual. The result will be a Mashcream store customizable by you but highly recognizable. It will not be a chain made of copy and paste.


We will be there to support you and to suggest what prefer your customers.

Together we build our proposal that is yours!


It will take at least 20 square meters and the novelty you bring in your area will be yours ... ours! If you want to replicate the Store, you will have the exclusive zone.

Remember to spread the word quickly, our socials are ready and live, expect your customers lining up to enjoy the spectacle of social cooking.


We will design together the local. It will be available the formation of fine pastry for all the staff, each accessory will be coordinated and available. The raw materials of high quality are easy to order and fast delivery, but also easy to store to be always ready.


Everything will Mashcream. Remember to put a good Internet connection so that everyone can connect and share the experience of meeting the Mashcream Store.




The texture of taste.

The ice cream store




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